Science tournaments started to develop in Saint-Petersburg in the 2000s. The first tournament for school students was organized in 2000. The second one took place in 2001 and after it was a 5 years break.

Only in 2006 tournament activity started again in Saint-Petersburg. The organizing committee headed by student Sergey Safonov started a new age of science tournaments in Russia. In 2006-2009 there was only a local chemical tournament for school students. In 2010 started first university student tournament. The name International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST)  was invented in 2011 and from that year student tournaments became not only international but also interdisciplinary. 

Every year International Natural Sciences Tournament attracts the brightest minds from former Soviet Union countries and starts to attract people from other regions. In 2013 first teams from Estonia (EU) and India participated in INST. 

Winners of INSTs 

2010 - Ukraine,  Kyiv National University (captain - Alexandra Souvorova)

2011 - Ukraine,  Kyiv National University (captain - Konstantyn Nifantiev)

2012 - Russia, Novosibirsk State University (captain - Ivan Serbin)

2013 - Russia, Saint-Petersburg State University (captain - Anastasia Ananyan)

2014 - Russia, Tomsk Polytechnic University and Saint Petersburg State University (captain - Bogdan Sakhnevich)

2015 - Russia, Kazan Federal University (captain - Mikhail Yagofarov)

2016 - Singapore, National University of Singapore (captain - Tan Jin Hui)

2018 - Singapore, National University of Singapore (captain - Kim Mu Youngi)


Participants of INSTs inherited our mission - science may solve practical, real-life problems. Some of our participants founded their own tournaments including

ChemCamp (since 2013) - tournament of International Chemistry Forum ChemCamp, Moscow. Founded by Ivan Aksenov and Co

Medical Tournament (since 2014) - tournament of medicine. Fill yourself as a Doctor House! Founded by Elizaveta Pustovoit and Co

Biology Tournament (since 2013) - tournament of applied biology problems. Founded by Daria Vetoshkina

Chemistry tournament for school students in Moscow. Founded in 2011 by Alexey Chepiga, Gleb Aleshin and Vladimir Korolev

Chemistry tournament in Ekaterinburg. Founded in 2014 by Anna Zykova.