Novosibirsk is the third-most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is the most populous city in Asian Russia, center of Russian Siberian science. It was a great pleasure for us to hold VII INST in such a great place as Novosibirsk State University. You can find list of the Local Organizing Committee who helped us to carry out INST at the proper level below. 

INST 2016 | Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Elena Chulanova | Head of LOC


Grigory Chernov | Technical Director of LOC


Mikhail Panov | Jury Coordinator of LOC


Mikhail Shmakov | Volunteers' Coordinator of LOC


Egor Korovin | Sponsor Manager of LOC



Our team invites you to take a little journey around Novosibirsk! Are you ready?


Teams from Singapore, Spain, Indonesia and Russia participated in the Grand final (Intramural round) of VII INST.

We are happy to announce that first place took team "KiasuNUSPS" from National University of Singapore (Singapore).  

The silver medalist is team "Zenith" from University of Salamanca (Spain).


Team "Nusantara" from Indonesia took the third pace.



We are grateful to all the organizers, volounteers, participants, sponsors and partners for taking part in VII INST.

See you on VIII INST in India!