IX International Natural Sciences Tournament

February 1–6, 2019, Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn was built at the intersection of trade routes and absorbed many cultures. The capital of Estonia can not be called a big one, but even the pickiest travelers will be satisfied. It seems that you can find everything you want here: you can plunge into the Estonian XVIII century, try the famous sweets or get acquainted with modern art. 

Extramural round

Problems of the Extramural round can be found here. Results of the Extramural round published on our website. We congratulate all the participants who are invited to the Grand final (Intramural round) of IX INST! Be careful to work through the Grand final problems, which are published here

Important information

The participation fee for the Grand final is 1000$ per team. This will provide a team of 5 members and its coach accommodation for the Grand final days of the Tournament. Without the need for accommodation (the participants will provide it for themselves), the participation fee is 350$. In the case of sponsorship of the team (fare payments or fee's payments), the company-sponsor will take part in the Tournament as the sponsor.

Results of the Grand final of the IX INST

1. Winner of the X INST is team UFS (South Africa)

2. Team How do you like that, Elon Musk (Russia) got the second place

3. Team Shock Wave (Russia) got bronze medals

Our congratulations to the winners!


We were also happy to see our participants from teams:

Add water (Russia)

Alabrys (Russia)

and Young's Modulus (Russia)

The results of the Tournament are available.

The results of the Individual Championship are published.

 Thank you to everybody for your bright ideas, outstanding polemics and thought-provoking questions! See all of you next year!



INST 2019 International Organizing Committee (IOC)

Alexandra Souvorova, PhD | President

e-mail: inst_president@scitourn.com

Valeria Burianova | Director

e-mail: participants@scitourn.com

WhatsApp: +79500033402


Vera Somova | Vice-Director, Teams' Coordinator

e-mail: participants@scitourn.com

WhatsApp: +79817406854

Skype: vera_suns

Alina Sumina | Vice-Teams' Coordinator

e-mail: participants@scitourn.com

Andrei Shishov, PhD | Jury's Coordinator


Lyaysan Galiullina | Head of Technical Office

Vlad Kisin | Sponsor Coordinator


Tel.: +375255418077

Vladimir Sologubov | Sponsor Coordinator


Tel.: +79818279275

Firuza Shakirova | Head of PR-department

Margarita Zhmyhova | Member of PR-department

Elena Ivanova | Member of PR-department

Galina Grechishnikova | Head of Counting Board

Elizaveta Maksimova | Member of Counting Board

Polina Baburova | Member of SMM group

Egor Baranovskiy | Member of SMM group

Ilya Mongilev | Member of SMM group

Daria Poloneeva | Designer

Kate Gotina | Scientific Translator


Mariia Kostareva | Editor

Anton Shelyganov | Web-developer

e-mail: antonshell@yandex.ru

Dina Mostovaya | Press Secretary

e-mail: ms.dinova@gmail.com

Sergey Safonov, PhD | Founder of INST competitions (2010)

e-mail: sci.tourn@gmail.com

Nikita Tsvetov, PhD | Secretary of Science Council


Extramural Round Experts


Nikita Tsvetov, PhD in Chemistry, Researcher in Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements, Head of the research laboratory of the Murmansk Arctic State University

Olga Milyaeva, PhD in Chemistry, Senior Lecturer in Department of Colloid Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University

Alexander Guliashko, Engineer at the IRE-Polyus company

Konstantin Benken, Leading specialist of the Center for Microscopy and Microanalysis, St. Petersburg State University

Oleg Silyukov, PhD in Chemistry, Senior Lecturer in Department of Kinetic Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University

Andrey Shishov, PhD in Chemistry, Senior Lecturer in Department of Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University 


Also in Our Team


Members of the Science Council

Anton Golyshev

Nikita Tsvetov, PhD

Konstantin Benken

Elizaveta Pustovoyt, MD, MPA

Anna Starikova, PhD

Anastasia Yakimanskaya

Andrey Shishov, PhD

Sergey Safonov, PhD

Alexandra Souvorova, PhD