VI International Natural Sciences Tournament, November 11-16, 2015. Russia, Saint-Petersburg

International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST) is a team competition for current undergraduate, Master’s students, and students planning to graduate in 2015. Students should have one of the following specializations: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals or Engineering. The main goal of the competition is teaching students how to apply their knowledge to solve current practical scientific and industrial problems.

November 16, 2015. The results of the INST2015 Tournament, Grand final (Intramural round)

International league, team results.

International league, personal rankings.



November 18,2015


Please, note, that the competition published by Aquaphor has been extended up to December 1, 2015! 
General requirements: age up to 23 years old; participation in the INST is not an advance. 
Requirements for the solution: *.pdf file up to 10 pages in russian or english; contact e-mail: Them of letter: INST2015-solution. 
The results will be published on at December 5, 2015 on the INST official website. Participants who provided highly innovative solutions will get prizes. Moreover, possibly such participants will possibly get a job offer at R&D departments of Aquaphor Corp.

November 6, 2015

The distribution of the problems among the days published:
Thursday, 12.11 - Unit Z
Saturday, 14.11 - Unit Y
Sunday, 15.11 - Unit X


November 5,2015

Dear participants!

If you want to participate in contests for sponsors’ problems

1)     Pure membrane – pure water (Aquaphor)

2)     A cloudy story (MEL Science)

3)     Serin (Biocad)

4)     Flow reactor (Biocad)

5)     Glycol ( by Clariant, only for participants from Russia and CIS)

Please prepare extended solutions in .doc format (not more than 5 pages).
You apply solutions for sponsor’s problem on the day when this problem is played, in the morning. Finals problems should be applied at Saturday 14.11


October 15, 2015 The Rules and Recommendations have been published.

You can download  the Rules and Recommendations.

October 13, 2015 The scoring criteria have been published.

You can download the scoring criteria.

October 11, 2015

15 problems of Grand final have been published.

You can download 15 problems of INST 2015.

October 1, 2015

The results of extramrural round has been published

Download results, extramural INST-2015

September 30, 2015 (Update!)

22 teams from 19 countries applied for INST-2015 International league. See updated full list in the attached document.
Greetings to the team MapleLeaf from Canada!
We're sorry for inconvieniences during website solutions download process. We're working to fix it. Please do not use iPad while working with your account and team application.

Download updated list of INST 2015 extramural round participants

The results of extramural round will be published at October 1, 2015. 
We are happy to announce the welcoming rule of INST 2015: The representatives of nations first time participating in INST are invited toGrand final in Saint Petersburg automatically.


September 26, 2015. 

The schedule of INST 2015 has been published.
Download schedule, INST-2015

The results of extramural round will be published at Ocober 1, 2015.

September 22, 2015. 

10 problems of Grand final have been published.

You can download 10 problems of INST2015.

August 20, 2015. 

Dear participants! 

You can download 5 Grand finals' problems.

Please, read important information about one of the problems:

This year you have a chance to meet experts of our partner company Clariant in Frankfurt! To take part in this contest, you should solve Clariant's problem called "Glycol".

The solution of this problem should contain:
2.Technology of the process;
3.The rationale for minimizing damage to the environment; 
4.Feasibility from an economic point of view.

You should supply us with your solution before 10 am on 12th of November, 2015.

The announcement and the awarding of winners will take place on the final day of the tournament.
The team which will send the best solution according to Clariant's experts, will visit the innovation center of the company in Germany. The condition for the tour: only Russian-speaking team with knowledge of English on conversational level.
The approximate travel date: January-February 2016.
Timetable and individual preferences will be agreed with the winners later.

More information about the innovation center and the Clariant company you can see on the website:


July 21, 2015. 
Information about experts of extramural round has been published.

Explanation of "sent for revision" decision for teams Youth Garuda, Youth Scientist, Siddhart and Ulyana has been published. See updated file with extramural round results 

Updated file with 1st wave of extramural round INST-2015 results


July 15, 2015

Organizing comittee is moving to transparency of every decision. First time in INST history we publish algorithm of teams' solution evaluation. It may seem complicated but we believe it is completely fair and objective. 

Evaluation approach extramural INST 2015

Results of the first wave of extramural round selection has been published

Results of the 1st wave, extramural, INST 2015


July 07, 2015. 12 teams from 6 countries applied for INST 2015 in the first wave of selection. Organizing comittee will announce results of selection till 15 July, 2015.
The deadline of teams application for INST has been prolonged until 20 September, 2015.

Read more in the following document:
Notification #1 of extramural round application.


March 1, 2015. Extramural round tasks of INST2015 has been published

Download extramural round problems of INST2015


02 January, 2015. First announcement of INST 2015.

Dear colleagues!

We started preparation for INST 2015. The tournament will be held in two leagues - International (English-speaking) and Russian-speaking one. We are looking forward to meet teams from India, Indonesia, Iran, Germany, Denmark, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. 

Here you can download the first information letter. Please note that some details may be subject to change. To participate in INST 2015 you should prepare solutions of the extramural round problems. Problems of the extramural round will be available at March 1, 2015.


Please visit INST2014 and INST2013 pages to see information about past tournaments