X International Natural Sciences Tournament

February 6–12, 2020, Warsaw, Poland 

Extramural round of X INST

The Tournament consists of the Extramural round and Grand final (Intramural round). In each round, the team will solve a number of current industrial and scientific problems. To participate in the Extramural round, the team should try its best and present clear and outstanding solutions to 2 of 3 the Extramural round problems in suggested formats. The best teams are selected for the participation in the Grand final. The ranking is presented below.

Financial aspects

Please, remember the following notes:
– participation in the Extramural round is free of charge;
– participation fee for the Grand final for participants of the first and second waves are 980 and 1070 Euro per team respectively. This will provide a team of 5 members and its coach accommodation for the Grand final days of the Tournament; the fee does not include meals.

Some important information about Grand final of X INST 

  • The Grand final of the X INST will take place on February 6–12, 2020 in University of Warsaw, Poland. 
  • 14 teams from 8 countries confirmed their participation in this year INST.
  • The list of the problems, solutions of which participants will present during the Grand final days, is published.
  • The detailed schedule is presented here
  • Grand final of the X INST will take place at the University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre (Zwirki i Wigury 101, Warsaw).
  • The participants will be accommodated in hotel Ibis Budget Warszawa Reduta.
  • This event will be organized by the International Natural Sciences Tournament MTU and University of Warsaw.
  • 6 companies support this year Grand final of X INST. They are: MelScience, Geropharm, Werteks, Krastsvetmet, Selvita, and Chocolette Confectionary.

If you have any questions in regard to the presented information, please, do not hesitate to contact us again via e-mail participants@scitourn.com with Teams' coordinator Ms. Polina Lavrik.
And here are some photos of our venue:

See you in Warsaw!

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